NeXT '040 Cubes

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Date: Wed Mar 21 09:07:15 2001

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my earlier post, I have made some progress with the cubes.

<< Those are not 'original 1988 boxes'. The original 1988 NeXTcomputer had a 25 MHz 68030 board in the backplane. >>

Sorry, I described them poorly. They are indeed original 1988 NeXT Cubes, this copyright date is on the cases. I assume that their original logic boards were replaced by NASA with the '040 boards.

<< First, put a 50-ohm terminator on that connector, so the NeXT thinks it is connected to a live (but very small!) network. >>

Is this something I can pick up at say Radio Shack? Does it looks kind of like a little metal cap that fits on the coaxial connector?

<<Then read the NeXT FAQ:>>

Excellent stuff here!

<< Here is the procedure for breaking the password: . . .>>

Thanks Lawrence! It worked well. I can get into the NeXT ROM monitor on both. So . . with the Turbo, it is indeed a 33MHz 68040 logic board with 32mb of RAM and a 350mb hard drive. I have reset the root password and can start system services. The only problem I am facing now is that it gets to a place where it is looking for a NASA domain server:

"yp: server not responding for domain "sewp" ; still trying."

This will just keep repeating, give a count as to trys, etc. Would a terminator stop this? Can I bypass it looking for a host?

The other NeXT Cube is indeed a 25MHz 68040 logic board with 48mb of RAM and a 350mb hard drive. I have given it the command to boot from the hard drive "bsd -s" and it seems that it begins too by displaying "boot sd (0,0,0) -s", but then it has an exception error:

"Exception #2 (0x8) at )x100b9dc"

Is the hard drive bad? Is it just blank or in need of formatting? I appreciate all of the help.
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