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From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 11:04:12 2001

At 07:41 PM 3/20/01 +0000, Pete wrote:
>To drag this topic kicking and screaming back towards the list topic, as
>many engines over the past 10 for 15 years have used computerised engine
>management systems, why have we not seen much improvement in specific fuel

   Probably because carurators are a lot more effective than most people
think. One major advantage of the comperized system is that it should not
degrade over time the way that a mechanical carburator does. In addition,
an electronic system with it's feedback system can adjust for a wider range
of conditions than a carburator can. The one area where an electronic
system is much more effective than a carburator is in cold starting. In a
cold engine, a lot of the fuel puddles on the metal surfaces causing wasted
fuel and high hydro-carbon emmissions. Direct fuel injection in to the
combustion chamber alleviates a lot of that.

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