10Base5/Thicknet (was Re: SUN networking problems)

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Mar 21 14:44:54 2001

On Mar 21, 9:26, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> Is there currently a source for the tap part for the older, boxy
> that have removable media bits? I remember reading in the O'Reilly
> book that it was common to remove the transceiver from the tap and leave
> tap on the Etherhose, presumably to avoid damage and in case someone
> a computer at that location again in the future.

Yes, it was fairly common. And I've seen "boxy transceivers" recently in
some network suppliers catalogues (but in the UK, which might not help
Ethan). And they were pretty expensive in the catalogues (rarity value,
probably). FWIW, all the ones I've seen which used the removable type of
tap, had the same fiting, so my BICC, 3Com, and Cabletron transceivers and
taps are interchangable. I never had any vampire taps (hint: I want one
for my display) but I wouldn't be surprised to find they were
interchangable too. If you didn't know, there are two screws visible near
the top of the transceiver; take those out (they're quite long as they go
almost all the way through the body) and the tap part should come off quite
easily. The screws don't screw into the tap, they go through holes in it
and screw into the rear of the transceiver body; they are only there to
stop the tap falling off (or in the case of cables of the floor, to stop
the transceiver falling off the tap it's hanging from!).

> I have a couple of the
> (Cabletron?) units of the same model, one with a vampire tap and one with
> BNC for 10Base2. Worst case, I guess I could make some N-to-BNC thing
and use
> a 10Base2 transciever.

Yes, that would work. Some of my taps have an N connector on each end,
some have a sort of BNC T-piece, and some just have a single BNC (bring
your own T). N-to-BNC adaptors are fairly common and cheap.

> I keep fostering this fantasy of putting up a 10Base5
> segment for Histerical Raisins.

I don't have an operational 10base5 segment at the moment, but I do have
all the bits, and I do use some of the old transceivers (with BNC fittings
or adaptors) and real thick blue drop cables for my Vax and '11s.

If it wouldn't cost so much to ship, I'd trade some of my thick yellow
cable for a vampire tap :-)

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