Lovely period furniture: VAX 4000-500

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 14:57:26 2001

Dave McGuire wrote:
> On March 21, Paul Williams wrote:
> > I've just found a VAX 4000-500 sitting out in the rain at work
> > with a scrap note attached, so I've relocated it to my house. I
> > figure that if I carefully dry it out and remove all those funny
> > bits of plastic and metal from inside, it'll make a lovely bedside
> > cabinet. Heh heh.
> Good score! The 4000-500 is a *nice* machine. *drool*

Shame about the two huge MicroVAX II cabinets that went in the skip
later on, but they didn't fit in my car. I keep asking the IT Department
to let me know about kit that will be skipped, but getting to it in time
is a problem. Buying beers for the IT Manager on Friday lunchtimes only
works if he can still remember his reckless offers on Monday morning!

It appears that the 4000 is dry now, and when I unscrewed various bits I
could see why. The heavy case only houses two boards, fan and PSU! No
disks, so I guess it booted from somewhere else in the cluster. I also
see that I misread the badge; it's a VAX 4000-505A, which I think makes
it younger than 10 years old.

I managed to grab two TK50 drives from the MVAXIIs. I don't know whether
they're working, and there are no cables, but if anyone wants to risk
the price of postage in order to get one, let me know (UK only, please).
They weigh about 2.5kg, which Parcelforce will probably round up to 3kg
for calculating postage.

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