pdp 11s to be auctioned at Goddard

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Wed Mar 21 23:09:10 2001

  I'm pretty much full here too...but there are some surplus
facilities nearby that aren't really open to the public, but that I
have access to. Lots of larger DEC stuff (a lot of VAX6000s) shows up

  Maybe we should set up such a thing. There would be a number of
things to arrange to keep things running smoothly, but I think it
could be done.

       -Dave McGuire

On March 21, Brian Roth wrote:
> Dave,
> That could work for the salvage yards as well. I have a nice digital
> camera to take shots of this stuff here locally. The only problem is
> that the stuff gets recycled pretty darn quick. I try to save what I can
> but until I get my new building put up, I'm bursting at the seams.
> Brian.
> Dave McGuire wrote:
> > On March 21, Bill Pechter wrote:
> > > Too bad classicmp together couldn't bid for an entire lot.
> > > 11/44's, TU77's...hmmm.
> >
> > That's an interesting idea. Form a club centered around the list,
> > maintain an online bank account, take pre-auction votes on maximum
> > bids for a particular lot, and have a person local to each relevant
> > auction go on behalf of the group.
> >
> > -Dave McGuire
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