pdp 11s to be auctioned at Goddard

From: Brian Roth <broth_at_heathers.stdio.com>
Date: Thu Mar 22 06:20:07 2001

   There are a couple of places here in WNY that get a fair amount of
equipment on a weekly basis. Mostly PC's but every once in a while a mini or
mainframe. I'm good friends with one of them and he will save anything for me
for a little while. He is running out of room himself. I saved an 11/750 a
couple of weeks ago for .03 a pound.


Dave McGuire wrote:

> I'm pretty much full here too...but there are some surplus
> facilities nearby that aren't really open to the public, but that I
> have access to. Lots of larger DEC stuff (a lot of VAX6000s) shows up
> there.
> Maybe we should set up such a thing. There would be a number of
> things to arrange to keep things running smoothly, but I think it
> could be done.
> -Dave McGuire
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