Club (was Re: pdp 11s to be auctioned at Goddard)

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Thu Mar 22 10:04:30 2001

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Subject: Club (was Re: pdp 11s to be auctioned at Goddard)

> Keeping track of the finances would be tricky. Someone will have to
> the money, and they will be met with varying amounts of distrust by those
> who would donate. Maybe a good thing would be to either form a nonprofit
> get one to assimilate us.
> And it would need a cool name. :-)
> Thoughts?

How about Computer Rescue And Preservation? I've already got the
trademark - my sister is always complaining "What's all this C.R.A.P. in
the garage? On top of all the C.R.A.P. in the basement, there's no room for
anything else in the house ..."

Clearly, she's got to go. : v )

But I like the idea of the club. It's too bad that my Canuck bucks will
only buy me 63% of a Yankee membership.

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