10Base5/Thicknet (was Re: SUN networking problems)

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Thu Mar 22 13:33:20 2001

>Certainly that is one interpretation. I would quote the page if I have it
>in front of me. My impression is that the electronics were detachable from
>the plastic and metal part that was the actual tap. The boxes I have do
>allow separating the media portion from the box portion with two screws. I
>will see about pictures when I can next get to the device (Monday, at the
>Since you do have a collection of older network hardware, I will conclude
>that what I initially described, if it did exist in that form, was not
>common, or it would have seemed familiar to you.

Aaaack, and phoo. I just dug out three of them, wrote a nice bit, and had a
computer crash.

Short answer is that I have three boxes now sitting on my desk; digital
DESTA, 3Com, and Cabletron, and they use a interchangible TAP that fits in
the top of the unit. I have three kinds of TAP between them, a single BNC,
a BNC T, and a N T. The TAP fits into the top of the unit making contact
via 3 long pins that fit into a board edge header, and get secured via 2
screws through the front of the base unit.

Leaving the TAP bottom open with the pins just sticking out doesn't sound
very reasonable, but who am I to say it isn't. Maybe there is some kind of
TAP cover for when the base removed? All three boxes have a AUI on the
side. The digital and 3com a single LED, and the Cabletron a LanView set of
5 pwr, sqe, xmit, rcv, cln.

Yes mine also say 802.3

My guess is that other variations exist, ie a vampire tap, that would be
compatible with the lower units.
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