10Base5/Thicknet (was Re: SUN networking problems)

From: blstuart_at_bellsouth.net <(blstuart_at_bellsouth.net)>
Date: Thu Mar 22 20:34:49 2001

In message <l03102804b6deefe46f6a_at_[]>, Mike Ford writes:
>Most likely I have it, no matter what that "it" is regarding older network
>stuff. Email me directly with, hopefully, an idea of what exactly you need
>and I will look in my boxes.

I know this is a longshot since this is more telecom than networking,
but do you by any chance have any Tellabs equipment in your collection?
In particular, I'm looking for a 4-wire E&M interface card for their
T-1 multiplexer product. When I first got out of college I went to
work for them and that card was my first design in industry. When I
left the company I never managed to snag one as a keepsake.

Brian L. Stuart
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