RK11-C and Straight-8 restoration

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Mar 23 15:28:02 2001

--- brian roth <brian.roth_at_firstniagarabank.com> wrote:
> The LCD package for LRP is at:
> http://lrp.steinkuehler.net/Packages/LCDProc.htm

OK. I already know about that one. I wrote the PIC-n-LCD driver
for LCDproc.
> I might be able to help you with parts for your RK11-C restoration.

It's not so much parts as time and docs. I may have the RK11-C prints (got a
lot of B-sized drawings), but if I don't, the first order of business is
identifying which PSU it calls for, seeing if I have one, and fashioning a
substitute if I don't. I got it in 1984 from Software Results before I was
hired there, along with a pair of drives, one RK05J and one RK05F. I
proceeded, in my youthful ignorance, to crash the RK05F by messing with the
platter before it had fully spun down. I eventally even got the cabinet this
whole mess came out of, but I do not know if I ever got the PSU. I also have
an RKV11D (and I think an RK11D, too) for "real" work with RK05 drives.

> You have a working classic-8?

Another score from SRC was a pair of Straight-8s. One appears on the back
of the large-format comic "CPU Wars" by Charles Andres. A photographer
moved the modules around so it "looked nicer for the picture". The other
was running a typesetting rig (I think via this PA-60 device I have that
is a) made of the same modules and b) covered in ink, but that I have been
unable to match up with any documentation). I have never applied power
to either unit, waiting for the day I can give them a proper shakedown and
PSU checkout (old/dry caps, etc). The PSUs are massive - +10V and -15V at
several amps each. At least now, some of the docs are available for download.
In 1985 when I got them, there was _nothing_! So, as of yet, they cannot
be classified as working, but they are complete.

My oldest running 8 at the moment is an -8/L. It's in the same rack as the
-8/i which I did get working in High School, but hasn't been cabled up and
powered on in a few years. I forget exactly how the green wires go on the
power card and I don't want to fry _it_, either. I do wish I had a second
set of high-speed punch and reader interface cards. I have to move them
from box to box when I'm working with one vs. the other. Somewhere in a box
of modules, I have the delay line needed to add the second core stack to
the -8/i. That is another goal - upgrade the mem on the -8/i and try to
get some sort of mass storage device on it and install some kind of OS on it.
Got peripherals (RK05, RX01, DF32/DS32, TU56, PR04). Lacking in pre-omnibus
interfaces. Thought about trying to wire in an RX8E once. I moved on to
other things before I even grabbed the wire-wrap tool. Always thought a single
ONMIBUS slot on the back of a PDP-8/L would be kinda cool.


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