TU-58 rollers and emulation (was Re: VAX 11/725)

From: brian roth <brian.roth_at_firstniagarabank.com>
Date: Fri Mar 23 10:15:33 2001

The LCD package for LRP is at:


I might be able to help you with parts for your RK11-C restoration. You have a working classic-8?


 I even have an LRP package for interfacing an LCD to my router so you can
> watch the IP traffic.

Love to get a URL to that. I run LRP myself, and set them up for friends
with cable modems about every other month.

> Way cool project BUT the display is still in the bubble wrap. Same problem,
> little time.

It's all about priorities. I have a set of back burner projects that have been
there for ten plus years, but they are still there (RK11-C restoration, PDP-8/i
re-restoration, TU-58 emulator, Straight-8 cleaning (printer's ink), and such).


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