RK11-C and Straight-8 restoration

From: David Gesswein <djg_at_drs-esg.com>
Date: Fri Mar 23 19:21:15 2001

> From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
> I have the delay line needed to add the second core stack to
> the -8/i. That is another goal - upgrade the mem on the -8/i and try to
> get some sort of mass storage device on it and install some kind of OS on it.
> Got peripherals (RK05, RX01, DF32/DS32, TU56, PR04). Lacking in pre-omnibus
> interfaces.
The DF32 is a external bus device so just hook up the 11 interface cables
and away you go. I am restoring one of my 8/I's with DF32 now, computer
is running and hope to have the drive finished this weekend. I should
finish the DF/DS32 manual scanning also this weekend, it will be up with
the rest soon and more pictures of the 8/I and DF32. The disk monitor
system runs on DF/DS32, the paper tape image (and DF32 diags etc) are
in ftp://ftp.pdp8.net/software/paper_tapes/ docs
OS/8 will run with a DF32 and DS32 and 8k but may not have enough space to
be too useful. I also may be able to help with 8/I parts.
The reader/punch can also be hooked up to an 8/I if it had the
interface cards in the 8/I.

Longer term the 8/I will join the 8/E runnable online although I
will have to replace the disk heads with an emulation since the drive
lands the heads on the disk when it spins down so has a limited number of
spin down cycles. The platter is nickel cobalt alloy so is more durable
than the iron oxide ones (ex RK05's) when the head does hit it.

I also have a Straight 8 maintenance manual on the too scan list, if
you need it (or any others, I may have them) before I get to it let me
know and I will do it sooner.

David Gesswein
http://www.pdp8.net/ -- Run an old computer with blinkenlights
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