VaxServer 3100 and VT340 terminal

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 19:50:15 2001

At 06:44 PM 3/23/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I humbly appreciate the response. For a novice(in a very conservative sense
>of the word) user like myself, it will ultimately draw a couple other

Not a problem, everyone starts with zero knowledge and works up.

>1)can you help me identify the console port and/or second
>serial port

Yup, looking from the back of the M3100 there will be an MMJ hole and next
to it a little switch that is recessed behind the panel. That is the
console port and the small switch tells the system that you want to use it
as a console.

>2)Don't I need some kind of cable and what type

Get any cable that has MMJ connectors on both ends and it will work.

>3)what is MMJ ports and port 0 also has an RS232 output

On the VT340, again looking from the back. There is a DB25 port on the left
hand side. This is "port 1" when it is using RS-232 levels. Lower and to
the right of this port are two MMJ plugs with the back to back arrows over
them. These represent Port 1 again (this time using DEC levels) and Port 2.

Connect the MMJ cable between Port 1, and the MMJ port you identified in
step one above. Now turn on the VT340 and hit 'F3' to enter the setup menu.
Set the 'comm' parameters for Port 1 to use the DEC-423 and 'data leads
only' and 9600 baud, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit.

Now power on the VAX and look at the diagnostic LEDs. They should all come
on and then some should go off in what appears to be a random sequence.
After about 15 seconds a banner will print on the VT340 announcing the CPU
type and start counting down the tests.

If the diagnostic lights change from 'all on' to various other states and
the VT340 does *NOT* print anything after 15 or 20 seconds, then using a
small device (an ice pick works great) to change the position of that
recessed switch you identified in step one, and power off and then on again
the VAX and wait for the banner.

>My VaxServer is has the following ports: SCSI, a 25-pin db; 3 rj-11 type
>with left and right arrow; 2 Ethernet connector-one BNC and the other AUI; a
>50-pin port; aport that looks like a printer port with a left and right

The console port is the one that is next to the small recessed switch and
has the arrows over it.

>My VT340 has the following ports: 2 RJ-11 type with left and right arrows; a
>printer port; a keyboard port; a 25-pin dB port; and a 8-pin mini din port

The ports on the VT340 (as you've ordered them) are: PORT 1, PORT 2,

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