VaxServer 3100 and VT340 terminal

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 19:38:58 2001

From: Compusync <>
>I humbly appreciate the response. For a novice(in a very conservative
>of the word) user like myself, it will ultimately draw a couple other

>have no experience in VAX/DEC or UNIX for that matter. I want to take

Is VMS install or Ultrix (possible NETBSD?)??

>1)can you help me identify the console port and/or second
>serial port

Look at back pannel, the symbols in the plastic should help.

If it's a vaxserver there will be three 6pin connectors like a telephone
plug only with an offset loging clip. While the connector is odd those
ports are RS423 (very similar to RS232). The VT340 has matching
connectors (2) and also the standard 25pin serial connector.

The 25pin connector on the vaxserver is also RS232 but not console.
It is a full handshaking serial port suitable for a modem.

>2)Don't I need some kind of cable and what type

For the serial its just called MMJ or deconnect. There is only one type
and varies only in length (no null modem or other odd wired versions).

>3)what is MMJ ports and port 0 also has an RS232 output

VT340 terminal on the back.

>My VaxServer is has the following ports: SCSI,

Standard SCSI-II useable with many types of drives, tapes and some

>a 25-pin db

Modem use usually works up to 19.2k maybe 38kb.

> 3 rj-11 type

Those are acutally MMJ (modified modular jack/plug). Three identical
serial ports save for one #3 if memory serves is the default console.

>with left and right arrow; 2 Ethernet connector-one BNC and the other

Exactly and inbetween a push swich to select one or the other.

>50-pin port; aport that looks like a printer port with a left and right

Used with the right cable/connector it's 8 more serial ports.

>My VT340 has the following ports: 2 RJ-11 type with left and right
arrows; a
>printer port; a keyboard port; a 25-pin dB port; and a 8-pin mini din

Ignore the 8pin mini-DIN as thats for optional mouse. The two RJ11 as
you call
them are the MMJ serial ports and port 0 is shared with the DB25. Which
is in use is selected by F4 (session select) and also the on screen

NOTE: VT340 is a very nice DUAL session terminal. It allows two
running at the same time independently or two sessions over one wire
VMS or terminal server).

I only have three VAXserver3100s (M10E versions) in the VAX herd (9 in
I also have an assortment of terminals including a few VT320s, VT340,
VT1200, VT125 and H19 (I built as a kit in 1978).

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