Who can tell me more about this really weird Z80 Canadian built computer...

From: Claude.W <claudew_at_videotron.ca>
Date: Sun Mar 25 23:08:20 2001


Well today was kinda slow I guess....finds:

1 fully equipped C128 -1541 II and both P.S.s...$10
1 1084S monitor $5 (cant pass them up at that price even if I have about 10 of these...)

This is a "weird" (I refuse to use L_at__at_K RARE! because of its over use on ebay) one:

1 AES 7100 Office System. Obviously a Z80 machine from the early 1980s. >From AES a Montreal, Canada company (local stuff!)

1 know of one other non-active collector (still collecting?) who has one. He put up photos so Ill post the URL for there so you can have a look at it and maybe tell me more about this thing:


Its the exact same computer. Mine is in terrific shape but I dont have the manuals like this guy does. I do have 2 original boot disks that I was told will boot (to what?) the machine....have not tried it yet...

These are "hard sectored" 5 1/4 disks...eeesh...and I only have the 2 original ones...ooooh

The look of this computer is very "Space 1999ish" if you ask me...

Perhaps this person has already posted here about this machine but I taught I would try again and maybe perhaps something new will come up...

Canuk Computer Collector
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