10Base5/Thicknet (was Re: SUN networking problems)

From: John Honniball <John.Honniball_at_uwe.ac.uk>
Date: Mon Mar 26 08:41:49 2001

On Sat, 24 Mar 2001 00:09:21 +0000 (GMT) Tony Duell
<ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> > anybody here still have a TDR??)
> Not yet, it's something I am half-seriously looking for.

I was lucky enough to acquire an Ethernet Test Set at the
weekend. It will test transceivers by connecting to the
AUI port and to the BNC "Cheapernet", as well as doing a
form of TDR. You have to remove the far-end terminator
from your ethernet and then it'll tell you how long it
takes to get the reflections back. I presume it would work
with a fault condition on the net as well.

If anyone's interested, I could get some more detailed info
and pictures. It's in a nifty little metal suitcase, with
bright blue AUI cable, BNC cable and manuals.

John Honniball
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University of the West of England
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