Free - 17" Sun Sony Tinitron Monitor but....

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 13:13:01 2001

The GDM 1950 I used to have is a fixed-frequency, 1280x1024-formatted 20"
monitor. There was a GDM 1952 that was a smaller version but the 1950 with
which I once got quite familiar was a 20", VERY sharp, VERY well converged, VERY
linear, and VERY bright, not to mention VERY heavy, monitor that used BNC

I bought an adapter board from PHOTON for it for what turned out to be more than
what the package was worth, though it was a real pleasure using a large format
monitor. (... now they're all 20" or so, since I'm at middle age and going
blind, like most of my contemporaries ...) The video bios was incompatible
with some rather important functions, i.e. it interfered with "floppy-tape"
backup software, so it was quickly phased out. Subsequent efforts to get a BIOS
suitable for use with a different monitor were unsuccessful, so the adapter ( a
VLB type so not of much use today) is not being used if someone wants to wrestle
with the details.

A couple of days ago I was at Costco and noticed that 20" (actually 18". but 20"
by today's marketing) multisync monitors, with flat screen, etc, and claiming to
be capable of 1600x1200 pixels are selling at around $250. That certainly puts
a cap on what one would invest in terms of hauling, repair effort, interfacing
hardware, etc.


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> I have a 17 inch Sony monitor (model GDM-1950) free to anyone who wants to
> pick it up. The catch, it has a sync(?) problem and therefore doesn't
> display anything very well. Beautiful (and huge and heavy) - if you can fix
> it you'll have a great monitor. Email or call for info. Has to be out of
> here in the next two weeks.
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