Free - 17" Sun Sony Tinitron Monitor but....

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 02:41:10 2001

> I have a 17 inch Sony monitor (model GDM-1950) free to anyone who
wants to
> pick it up. The catch, it has a sync(?) problem and therefore
> display anything very well. Beautiful (and huge and heavy) - if
you can fix
> it you'll have a great monitor. Email or call for info. Has to be
out of
> here in the next two weeks.

Hmm, I've got a 16" version of one of these which I use now and again - the
picture quality is far superior to most of the junk out there these days (I
guess these things almost hit the 10 year mark? I believe mine was dated
around '92)

They work well under Linux if you're prepared to do a bit of tweaking of
video modes - no need for a special graphics board. I believe I got mine
working under DOS a few years ago with an old Trident video board too - one
of the larger-column text modes happened to work with it nicely.

there's quite a bit of tweaking that can be done inside the monitor too (be
careful, obviously) if you're prepared for a few hours of suffering!

Maybe someone knows what the options are for converting a fixed-frequency
monitor to multisync? (Tony??) - can this even be done, is it way too much
trouble etc.? Presumably fixed-frequency and multisync monitors are 90% the
same inside (at least in concept)? Certainly the big old workstation
monitors I've seen inside of seemed to be nicely broken into stages...


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