From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Tue Mar 27 09:23:01 2001

> I actually came up with an HP transceiver that proves my own point
> invalid. It's about the size of a zippo cigarette lighter, but a little
> thicker. It's a model# 28685B Ethertwist transceiver and it has dip
> switches to enable SQE, Link and Loopback test as well as use of a long
> cable. It also has 6 status LEDS near the 10base-T connector. I do have a
> small 5-port hub that isn't much larger than some of the AAUI transceivers I
> have though.

I have a little Allied Telesyn transceiver I'm using on the Solbourne.
Nice gadget, fits in the palm of my thin piano-playing mitts. There's a DIP
on the side for SQE-Enable and four status lights. Works very well.

That reminds me, since I'm an AUI novice. I picked up a DB15 straight
through cable at Fry's (it was sold as a joystick extension but it works
fine on the Apple monitors too). I also have an Allied Telesyn hub that
accepts eight 10BT connectors, Thinnet, and one AUI. If I plug the Solbourne
right into the AUI port on the hub, will I need the transceiver anymore?
It would be nice to free it up for a machine that honestly couldn't utilise
anything else. The cable does work as an AUI extension (I can plug the
cable into the Sol and into the transceiver, and then Ethernet into that,
and it works fine in that capacity), so that much seems promising.

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