From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Mar 27 08:17:02 2001

>Jeff Hellige skrev:
>Well, transceivers do have the tendency to fall off their mounting point... =)
>As for the size of AUI transceivers, they have been absolutely gargantuan once
>upon a time. We've got a BULL 10B2 transceiver connected to a pocket hub at
>the usergroup, and the transceiver actually dwarfs the hub!
>Then again, I have a stack of pocket transceivers which are actually smaller
>than my AAUI ones.
>The cable is a nice addition, though.

    I actually came up with an HP transceiver that proves my own point
invalid. It's about the size of a zippo cigarette lighter, but a little
thicker. It's a model# 28685B Ethertwist transceiver and it has dip
switches to enable SQE, Link and Loopback test as well as use of a long
cable. It also has 6 status LEDS near the 10base-T connector. I do have a
small 5-port hub that isn't much larger than some of the AAUI transceivers I
have though.

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