Mac SE/30

From: Billy D'Augustine <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 10:32:12 2001

I really have no idea what's running - I picked it out of a junk pile.

The password box pops up, as a dialogue that says "Enter password for
Macinto.", and a text entry box. I assume that the "Macinto" is a truncation
of "Macintosh". The time time I try, it says "Enter password for
Appli(cations)". After the third incorrect password, the machine does a
shutdown, and I can press the Restart button on the screen.

> > This is what it is doing, it is showing the icons on the bottom of the
> > screen during boot, even while I hold the shift key down.
> I wonder -- do you have At Ease running? What does the password window
> requestor look like?
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