Mac haul and print server questions

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 13:26:37 2001

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Subject: Mac haul and print server questions
> center-grade AUI cables, including a DEC-branded one (perfect for my

Darn, all I could fit in my basement are the system boards of an 8600. Now I
just need a case...

> surprise in the lot was inside one of the LC IIIs - an Apple IIe card. It
> stood out because of the DB44? connector on the back, rather than the
> RJ-45. I have heard of the Apple IIe compatibility card, but where can I
> a cable for this connector, which I presume is for attaching an external
> to?

Actually I think it's one of those multipurpose breakout cables like the DOS
cards had. It provided Apple II Joysticks, disk drive, and I think serial

> the same print server. Are there any packages for the Mac that will let
> share the printer with non-Apple-based machines? Is there something like
> CAP (Columbua AppleTalk Protocol?) for Windoze? (I've used it with Linux)

There was an old LPR daemon for MacOS, check the hyperarchive, that's where
I found it a few years ago. The LaserJet 4ML will definatly work as it's
postscript if I'm not mistaken. Just about anything can print to it. The big
Windows->Mac network app used to be called COPStalk, I think it became
PC<->MacLan. It lets you mount appleshare volumes and print to mac shared
printers. The inverse used to be called DAVE, I forgot what the new name
is.. Connectix makes an appy called DoubleTalk, which is very similar to
DAVE, lets you mount windows shares and share your hard drive and printer on
a windows SMB-based network.
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