Mac haul and print server questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 00:15:31 2001

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> Subject: Mac haul and print server questions
> > ...AUI cables, including a DEC-branded one (perfect for my VAX8200)
> Darn, all I could fit in my basement are the system boards of an 8600. Now I
> just need a case...

I used to support COMBOARD users from my basement seven or eight years ago.
It was easier to move down there than the 11/750.

> > surprise in the lot was inside one of the LC IIIs - an Apple IIe card...

> Actually I think it's one of those multipurpose breakout cables like the DOS
> cards had. It provided Apple II Joysticks, disk drive, and I think serial
> connections.

Apparently. I think I have a lead on a cable (for more than the whole
computer cost, but that's the way these things usually work).

> > ...Are there any packages for the Mac that will let me share the printer...

> There was an old LPR daemon for MacOS, check the hyperarchive, that's where
> I found it a few years ago.

LPR will help somewhat, I suppose.

> The LaserJet 4ML will definatly work as it's postscript if I'm not mistaken.
> Just about anything can print to it.

It is; that's why I got it (and paid $1100 for it, brand-new). I wasn't
going to get a laser printer until I could afford PostScript. I just checked
tonight - 4700 pages so far. I just put _that_ one on an HP JetDirect
print server I picked up at a tent sale for $10. Works great.

The DeskWriter 660c is a LocalTalk-only device, thus the need for a Mac.

> The big Windows->Mac network app used to be called COPStalk, I think it
> became PC<->MacLan. It lets you mount appleshare volumes and print to mac
> shared printers.
> Connectix makes an appy called DoubleTalk, which is very similar to
> DAVE, lets you mount windows shares and share your hard drive and printer on
> a windows SMB-based network.

Freeware? Commercial?


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