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Date: Tue Mar 27 15:29:09 2001

>Yes, the 5155 does have an RJ11-like keyboard connector. It plugs into a
>socket on the front of the case which is wired to a 5 pin DIN plug, which
>is then plugged into the normal keyboard connector on the (XT) motherboard.

        I would've thought they'd have just extended the XT connector
to the front of the machine using a similar type cable instead of
making sure that the only keyboard usable on the 5155 is that
specific one, at least without a bit of work.

>One thing that many manufacturers did that Apple didn't was make the
>cable difficult to detach from the keyboard. By having it fixed at one
>end, you couldn't replace it (easily) with a telephone cable.

        I'm glad that all of the keyboards with that connector that I
have all are detachable. Makes replacement that much easier if
there's a problem. All of the ones I mentioned previously are
detachable at the keyboard, including my DECmate II, which I forgot
used the same type. It takes a bit more work to get the cable off
though since it runs through a little channel on the bottom of the
keyboard after it is connected.

>Yes, if the locking clip catches on another cable (cables seem to tangle
>in the most amazing ways), it breaks off :-(. Horrible little connector.

        Especially when you pack them into a box for movement.
Wrapping them around the keyboard lessens this somewhat but I dislike
doing that since it stretches the cable out of shape.

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