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Date: Tue Mar 27 11:13:17 2001

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> Ok, this kinda makes sense now. After someone (sorry, I forget) posted about
> HVFExplorer, I found it on the web somewhere. One other thing I downloaded
> was a System 7.0 bootdisk, and I was able to create this disk using
> HVFExplorer, and boot the SE/30 with it. It didn't do much, but I cannot
> mount the hard drive with it - sounds like what you describe below. I can't
> even SEE the hard drive. The HD tools program sees "something" on the SCSI
> chain, but that's about it...
> I downloaded some of the disks from the Apple ftp site, but these are
> .smi.bin files. I was able to turn them into .smi files (using StuffIt for
> Windows), but am stuck here. HFVExplorer doesn't seem to deal with .smi
> files...

.smi is supposed to go with bunch of .part files. Put them on
mac emulator like basilisk II or on paste them on mac formatted
external hd attached to pc via HVF explorer (raw data fork, please),
yank it, reattach the hd to mac, and double click on one of them. It
will self assemble and plop itself in ramdrive, copy it to a new

> > Before MacOS 9.x password protection there was a nasty access control
> > application called At Ease. It went REALLY low level to keep you from
> > screwing around with things, if a disk is protected with at ease, the only
> > way to get at it is booting from another disk and updating the hard disk
> > drivers. Foolproof is a similar, thrid party application, and
> > there is also
> > a program (Disklock perhaps?) which locks the drive WAY down, you
> > can't even
> > mount it if you boot from another disk. If the disk is protected with
> > Foolproof or, more likely, At Ease, you'll need to reinstall the OS if you
> > don't have the password. If it is protected with an application like
> > Disklock (i.e. it doesn't show up on the desktop when booting from another
> > disk) your only recourse is to completely reformat and reinstall the OS.

All correct.

Re-init the hd, if you have a non-apple hd, hack the HD SC 7.5.3 w/
regedit, and have a go at it. Easy as pie, only one hex byte to fix.

All of this I found them on if I have problem trying to
locate files on's.


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