Mac SE/30

From: Billy D'Augustine <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 17:31:57 2001

Ok, this is getting to be more trouble than it's worth, and I'm not in the
mood to go hunting things down. Basically, I'm a Mac-neophyte, and I guess
I'll stay that way. So far, this is the only machine I've ever used that
requires an OS to be installed, before you can install an OS! Sorry, not for
me. I'm not naturally an idiot - I've been there for PDP-11's running RSX
and RT-11 , VAXen running VMS (as well as bare machines of the same ilk),
and a host of other machines I cannot even remember off the top of my head,
and can at least deal with these.

> .smi is supposed to go with bunch of .part files. Put them on
> mac emulator like basilisk II or on paste them on mac formatted
> external hd attached to pc via HVF explorer (raw data fork, please),
> yank it, reattach the hd to mac, and double click on one of them. It
> will self assemble and plop itself in ramdrive, copy it to a new
> folder.
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