Mac SE/30

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 18:50:50 2001

>Ok, this is getting to be more trouble than it's worth, and I'm not in the
>mood to go hunting things down. Basically, I'm a Mac-neophyte, and I guess
>I'll stay that way. So far, this is the only machine I've ever used that
>requires an OS to be installed, before you can install an OS! Sorry, not for
>me. I'm not naturally an idiot - I've been there for PDP-11's running RSX

Not a big deal, I get systems all the time that I can't do a stinkin thing
with. Just pass it on to somebody else.

10 minutes with a handfull of the correct floppies and your system would be
running just fine. A password locked system isn't exactly rare, and at
least yours has a simple solution, the password on my Grid laptops
apparently has me totally screwed. Two suggestions;

Give or sell the system to a mac person. Anybody with a working mac should
have no trouble quickly making the needed floppies and getting the little
bugger fully operational again. If somebody is local to you maybe they
would be willing to do the quick fix for you.

Get somebody to make you a set of floppies and snail mail them to you, or
email them in a format that works with that PC disc program. People sell
sets of system software on eBay all the time, and I see many people sending
sets of floppies for nothing in the various mac forums.

************ The set of discs you need are:

About a 5 floppy set of OS 7.0, with a extra copy of the "Disk Tools"
floppy that has had SilverLining or some other 3rd party drive formatting
software installed on it. You would boot from the silverlining floppy and
update the drivers on the hard drive. Hopefully the hard drive could then
be mounted and you might be able to save any usefull content, otherwise you
would need to format with silverlining, then install the OS software off
the floppy set and start looking for software on the net.
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