ZX-TEAM meeting/TS1000 least expandable???

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Tue Mar 27 18:51:56 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>[ZX81 is not expandable???]
>> >>Because it hasn't got any expansion ports?
>> > But it does...the port on the rear that the 16k RAM pack
>> >plugs up to. Printers and all plugged up to that edge connector.
>> Sorry, I must have been thinking of the ZX80. =3D)

>Which, unless I am much mistaken, has the _same_ bus connector on the
>back. The Jupiter Ace has a similar connector, but with a different
>pinout (FWIW).

I thought that since the ZX80's memory couldn't be expanded, there were no
expansion port either.

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