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From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 18:10:06 2001

> > If you've ever watched Star Trek IV, the Voyage Home, the scene on the bus
> > where the punk rocker is given the Vulcan neck pinch for blasting his music
> > too loud clearly shows the punk rocker (also the author of the music, as it
> > turns out) using a Boom Box. They were such an annoyance that the scene
> > in the movie was universally greeted with cheers in the theater.
> Worse -- read the credits. Not only did he write the lyrics and play
> the role, he was the movie's associate producer!

I was sort of assuming the associate producer was a father with the same
name, to be honest, but if it's not, he should definately stick to his
day job (producing movies) and give up on music. I've heard punk I like
and that wasn't it.

Jim Strickland
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