Age-old ethernet equipment

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 19:47:32 2001

This weekend, along with a batch of PS/2s, I received a 3Com 3c588 1988
vintage MultiConnect Repeater. It's a 19" case with space for sixteen cards.
Mine features one card indicating power with a green LED as well as a DB-9
female connector, then fourteen cards equipped with a BNC connector, an
activity led, one partition LED and a partition/reset switch each.
Whenever a card is connected to a 10b2 network, the partition light (which
otherwise emits a steady red light) begins to flicker. Upon flicking the
switch into reset mode, the partition light goes out. The network works fine
as long as there is no partitioning. I suppose its purpose is to not leak
traffic between several networks.

But there still are some things I'd like to find out.

What is the purpose of the DB-9 connector?
Could this repeater slow a network down?
What does partitioning actually entail?
Does anyone have any other cards for this beast? I know there are 10bT cards
as well.

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