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> Funny... all the DEC stuff that I used to care for required bootstrap
> instructions before *they'd* run... Mac OS is the same way. Needs
> enough of a system to know that it's really a computer and not just a
> lump of plastic and silicon. ;o)

Exactly with any machines, old dust-filled, medium old, recent, new
or smelly, shiny spanking new w/ shipping wrappers and boxes lying
besides it. All computers needs OS to become alive, even on ROMs.

> Contact me off list and I'll get you a startup diskette.

Do you don't mind telling us how one build a bootable diskette for
Mac that has OS 6.0.x and 7.x.x installed on their HD? That system
folder is too big to fit on a diskette. How is this done to get it
down to size to work? I searched the 'net for that info without

That disktools diskettes I got is dumbed down and locked to a fault
and doesn't do very much besides HD rescue and HD SC init. That
disktools is stubbornly possesive of its disk even I ejected it for
another disk with different stuff.



> Jim
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