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Date: Tue Mar 27 19:13:15 2001

 My Zenith luggable m.171 8088 also uses this to get into the excellent monitor
program. IIRC so did the Z100 CPMs. One of the great problems of 286clones was
they lost all settings if the battery went dead. While there was the utility for getting
the BIOS config. {"getbios.com" ?} many other settings were hard to retrieve
unless you had the boot disk. The PS/2 reference disks at least had Big Blue
providing support. There's much to be said for the older dip switch method.
 I was fortunate in getting set-up disks for my NEC 286 Pro-Speed before they
disappeared into that great abandoned archive in the sky.


> >AWARD also uses the DEL during POST as well, at least in about 10 of
> >the boxes I
> >have here. Phoenix uses <F1> at any time during POST, though I
> >seldom see that
> >one outside of Packard Bell, HP, and other U.S. makers' systems.
> There were some odd combinations such as <ctrl><alt><ins>,
> which was used by Zenith on their 286 powered Z-248's, as well as the
> software based programs such as those used by Tandy and others.
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