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Date: Wed Mar 28 02:52:51 2001

On Mar 28, 1:33, Tony Duell wrote:
>On Mar 28, 0:52, Iggy Drougge wrote:

> > As for impedance, I was under the impression, judging from the current
> > discussion on the topic of 10B5 wiring, that the actual work of making
the AUI
> > output ethernet-worthy lay in the transceiver.
> That's one part of it. But the AUI interface is part of the standard too
> -- any device should be able to work with any transceiver. The AUI
> interface consists of 3 differential ECL signals (AC coupled
> essentially), which should be carried on twisted-pair transmission lines
> (I think the characteristic impedance is somewhere around 100 Ohms, but
> don't quote me on that).

78 ohms. The standard also specifies maximum length of 50m for the thick
AUI cable, but "office grade" cables have higher losses and are typically
only rated for a quarter of that.

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