From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Mar 28 04:42:17 2001

>The early Rage 128 PCI cards were pretty inexpensive too. I picked up my
>Rage Orion for $135 new. Great card for the money -- not fabulous output
>but certainly more than decent.

        I picked up one of the Voodoo5's just before 3dfx announced
they were being bought out. A local CompUSA had marked them down to
right at $200. Now that UPS has settled on my Blue/white G3 and I've
received the replacement, it won't be too long before the Voodoo5
gets moved into it as the main video board with the Rage 128 left in
it for compatibility purposes. It already has both Ultra2Wide and
Ultra SCSI boards.

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