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I don't think Allison's quite that old but neither am I. I can remember
JFK's funeral on TV (BW Motorola) and they made one of the best Chevy's when
I was born (57) and I don't think Allison is much off from that. At least
she won't tell us I'm sure.

I had a crystal radio in my early teens that we built from a library book
and then I moved to a Hallicrafters multiband reciever w/ long dipole
antenna. I still have the radio but have to find the capacitor that blew and
doesn't allow audio into the preamp. Good thing I have the schematic, now I
just need time.

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> On Mar 27, 22:02, Mike Ford wrote:
> > >I'm old, dirts older. When I was in school you were really
> cool of your
> > >radio
> > >had six transistors, cooler if it had FM and rich if your portable tape
> >
> > Are you sure you weren't trying to impress people with the catwhisker on
> > your crystal set? ;)
> Don't be silly. My crystal set had a germanium diode, and I bet Allison's
> did too :-)
> I do remember my father buying a Philips Compact Cassette recorder when
> they were new and even cooler than my 7-transistor radio finished in red
> artificial leatherette. A cassette recorder of the same model still
> happily reads and writes tapes on some of my older home micros, despite
> being old when they were new (if you see what I mean).
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