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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 16:03:47 2001

If you happen across that I wouldn't be upset if a copy of it attached to an
email came my way...

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> > Evening folks, I am looking for a circuit using the parallel port on a
> > pc to Ide interface, does anyone have a schematic for one?
> Somewhere I have an data sheet for a chip to convert a parallel port into
> an ISA slot. No, I don't mean a chip for adding a printer port to the ISA
> bus (like the 82C11 does), I mean a chip that connects to a parallel port
> (either 'original' or one of the enhanced bidirectional ports), and to
> some DRAM, and which allows you to connect anything that you'd normally
> connect to ISA on the other side of it. It allows you to read/write any
> port or memory location from the parallel port side, it allows the ISA
> device to do DMA into the memory hung off the chip (which can then be
> read/written from the parellel port), and so on.
> I think it was made by SMC, but don't quote me on that.
> It looked like a fun device to work with, but I don't know where on earth
> you'd find one.
> If anyone is interested, I will try and find the data sheet and post the
> number of the device.
> -tony
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