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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 16:39:31 2001

On Mar 28, 19:18, Tony Duell wrote:

> > I do remember my father buying a Philips Compact Cassette recorder when
> > they were new and even cooler than my 7-transistor radio finished in
> Cassette? Heck, I've got a portable reel-to-reel audio recorder here.
> I've even got a portable reel-to-reel _video_ recorder and camera that is
> still operational. And a portable U-matic recorder in need of a little

Well, he already had a Ferrograph reel-to-reel, to replace the old Grundig
reel-to-reel he had before :-) He was into gadgets. I had a little
portable reel-to-reel, it took 3" reels.

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