From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Mar 28 18:30:13 2001

>As of now, Voodoo (and Virge) cards are the only choice for PCI-equipped Amiga
>owners as well. I really don?t like those tight-arsed hardware manufacturers
>who can't share programming documentation. I've got the same problem with my
>new 100 Mb MCA NIC, which has got no drivers, partly because Olicom won't
>share information.

        I've only been out of the Amiga scene about a year and a
half, about the time 'Amazing Amiga' went under but I don't remember
hearing anything about PCI Amiga's. Are these the new hardware spec
meant to run the new OS? Personally, I always liked the Voodoo
cards, with this one being my third one. ATI has been around a long
time and has made solid products, but the Voodoo's were a better
performing card.

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