ide harddrive

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 20:47:23 2001

> I've seen, and, in fact, own, several parallel port to SCSI interfaces, but
> never a parallel port to IDE type.

I have five of them here. (probably some more buried deeper) These are
Rodeo. One that takes 3.5" IDE, and four that take 2.5" IDE and have
batteries. I've also used ones from Pacific Rim.

> It's quite conceivable, though.

Thank you.
I have a policy of raising the price every time somebody expresses doubt
of existence of stuff that I'm selling. After all, that proves that it
must be RARE!

> The software would be a pain, however.

Not too bad. There are easy ways and hard ways to do it. It's largely an
issue of at what level it operates. (replacement Int13, v block mode
device driver, etc.)

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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