ZX80/81 expansion

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Wed Mar 28 21:07:05 2001

> > The Jupiter Ace had a 4K RAM pack as well as a 16K one, and if anyone has a
> > spare Ace (UK) or Ace 4000 (US) I'd be happy to take it off them :o)
> The Ace memory is a little odd. The basic machine has 3K of RAM, all in
> 2114s. 1K is for Forth words, 1K is video memory (unlike the ZX80/ZX81,
> this is not taken from main memory), 1K is the character generator (so
> all characters are, in fact, user defineable).

It's possible to wire up an adapter that lets you use a ZX81 (or was
that TS 1000?) RAM pack on a Jupiter ACE ... I've seen one such working!

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