MacOS on CD-ROM? (was Re: Mac SE/30)

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Date: Wed Mar 28 16:21:07 2001

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> Subject: MacOS on CD-ROM? (was Re: Mac SE/30)
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> > This is reason I suggested starting building up a OS on external
> > drive via basilisk II emulator...
> I've never used Basilisk II, but I have used Mac emulators before with
> great success.

The biggest difference this Basilisk II is freeware where other
emulators you talked about ( saw them ) are payware.

> Is it possible to host the floppy images on, say, a Quadra, and perform an
> install over AppleShare? ISTR some sort of recent discussion involving
> something of the sort.

That where basilisk II and file, expander utilities comes in for
*that* especially if a Mac has no hd or erased or locked shut.
Everything you can do is done on peecee and get mac going by any
methods like appleshare, appletalk, ethernetalk, build up new
bootable scsi drive attached to your peecee scsi controller, even it
supports ide/scsi cdrom, can read/write 1.44MB Mac format disks. The
expanders is written for peecee too! Oh yes, good pc software
burners supports HFS format like Nero, which means you can build an
CD even make it bootable. All is documented on 'net.

This reason I used this was to transfer the files I found off the
'net via my peecee attached. Then cut out the DSL connection
manager, release all IPs, hook the TP wire both mac and pc together,
fire up that basilisk II. Then play away with that on
transfer/install/other uses.

In short,
Anything you can do with a working Mac is no different on Basilisk
*except* 400K/800K, get that mac going first. Oh yes, you can plop
down a translator printer driver (freeware) to drive any pc printers.

Oh yes, you can play with it with different Mac "models" like IIfx,
LCIII, C610, 660 AV etc all by the GUI configurator util and even
grant any different configurations on ports, 'net stuff, etc even
adjust ram size.

Getting ROM off mac w/ unbootable HD is no problem, just download a
bootable image and rawrite it to a spare 1.44MB disk, load it with
getrom program via HVF explorer. Then use this disk to boot up a
"dead" mac and use HVF E. again to extract that rom to pc to get
basilisk II going.



> Thanks,
> -ethan
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