SUN networking problems

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 23:50:17 2001

Peter Turnbull wrote:
>Another way to see what's happening, is to use 'snoop' if you have it
>on one of the Suns (tcpdump for Linux/BSD/etc is similar).

Just typing in snoop at the prompt ends up with
snoop: Command not found.
In which subdirectory might this program be (if it's on the system at all),
or how can we search for it? If it isn't, where can one possibly get it?

The printer manual has surfaced, but it only contains the information that
the Ethernet card was an add-on and had its own Installation and Configuration
Guide with it - which must be buried even deeper than the manual itself if
we were given it at all

I guess the remaining problem is really the IP address of the printer, as
the data transfer between the computers and the printer must be all right by
now: Whenever a ping or something else occurs on the network, the orange DATA
LED on the printer's back side blinks a few times (what should indicate it is
receiving the data).

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