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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 02:15:07 2001

On Mar 29, 0:31, Tony Duell wrote:

> Looking at Poole&Molloy (Radio and Television Servicing -- annual volumes
> that cover the major TVs and radios for each year), it's amazing how many
> sets from nominally different manufactures contain the same chassis...

I know. Sometimes there only seem to be about two or three "current"
models (plus variations for tube size).

> The result was that my parents ordered the failed servoid out of the
> house, returned the rented TV, and I've been landed with repair jobs here
> ever since.

LOL! Serves you right!

> > 405-line 14" 'portable'.

> Converting a 405 line set to a (presumably 625 line) monitor is not the
> most trivial job, I wouldn't have thought. Don't tell me it was a live
> chassis set as well....

No, thankfully it wasn't. I don't recall having to do much to change the
frequencies, though.

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