ide harddrive

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Date: Thu Mar 29 07:44:06 2001

Yes, you can do that and the perfomance is very good on the
K2-350 box here at work. I use teh 3.5" loaded one to install windows and apps as it's faster than 4x CDrom and since some systems here dont have cdrom at all it really beats floppies
or sucking it down the 10mbs eitherpipe.

I've never tried to boot one directly but I have used one as
C: via floppy boot for W95.


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IF you have a DLL to support EPP under W9x, you can certainly do that. I've not
yet found one that comes with enough pre-sale doc to verify that it's up to that
kind of performance. There are a few PCI parallel port boards that claim to
have the speed, however. I tabled my S-100 bus probe a year or more ago for the
simple reason that the ports on the motherboards I was considering were not fast
enough. The PCI ones may breathe new life into the project.

The datasheet for the SMC34C60 turned up immediately on a search via GOOGLE.COM.
There's an IP product that pops up too, perhaps worth a look. Be careful not to
mix up the EPP and ECP functions on the SMC part! The two are TOTALLY

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> >I'd be VERY interested in seeing that schematic, Tony! I've no doubt
> that it can be done, but I wonder how fast it will be.
> The commercial ones are at least several mb/sec using drives designed for
> DMA33. Only took a minute or less to transfer a set of 28 .CAB files
> (w95).
> The device driver runs as a SCSI device under W9x or NT4.
Undoubtedly that's a driver for the device under Windows, and not a generic port
driver. Too bad ...
> Allison
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> >
> >> >
> >> > Evening folks, I am looking for a circuit using the parallel port on
> a
> >> > pc to Ide interface, does anyone have a schematic for one?
> >>
> >> Somewhere I have an data sheet for a chip to convert a parallel port
> into
> >> an ISA slot. No, I don't mean a chip for adding a printer port to the
> >> bus (like the 82C11 does), I mean a chip that connects to a parallel
> port
> >> (either 'original' or one of the enhanced bidirectional ports), and to
> >> some DRAM, and which allows you to connect anything that you'd
> normally
> >> connect to ISA on the other side of it. It allows you to read/write
> any
> >> port or memory location from the parallel port side, it allows the ISA
> >> device to do DMA into the memory hung off the chip (which can then be
> >> read/written from the parellel port), and so on.
> >>
> >> I think it was made by SMC, but don't quote me on that.
> >>
> >> It looked like a fun device to work with, but I don't know where on
> earth
> >> you'd find one.
> >>
> >> If anyone is interested, I will try and find the data sheet and post
> the
> >> number of the device.
> >>
> >> -tony
> >>
> >>
> >
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