Need help in figuring out what to bid on DEC

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Date: Thu Mar 29 12:04:03 2001


I have run across a lot of DEC that is available at a Government agency that
is available for negotiated sale. Unfortunately, there are some units I know
little about. Since it is the government there are complications with the
hard drives that I will mention after the list.

The lot is;
one Microvax II in a BA123 cabinet
two VAX 4000/200s small square floor towers
one VAX 4000/100 Desktop
two DEC 2000 AXP
one DEC PC AXP 150
one DEC 486 PC
one DEC Storage works small drive tower w/o drives
one CD tower with 3 or 4 CD drives in it, I think DEC mfg. but not sure.

The limitations are no keyboards, mice or monitors. Otherwise the equipment
seems complete. I will not have the opportunity to list boards, drives, etc.
It is supposed to be working equipment.

I was told by the property manager that the drives will have to be removed,
or if I wanted the drives they would have to be erased to his satisfaction.
No Government software can get out of the agency.

Does anyone know how to clean the drives in situ given the limitations. I
could probably scrounge up a terminal but I don't have one easily accessible.
Not to mention I have no experience in reformatting vaxes. Would a honking
big magnet trash the drives? If I can't clean the drives they will keep them.

What I really need is an idea of the value of the units. It has to be more
than scrap otherwise they will go for recycling.

They have a contract with a scrap recycler that lets them deduct the value of
the machines from their budget if they go to this recycler so it is too their
advantage to recycle them. However the Property manager likes me and is
willing to help if I can satisfy his requirements.

I have little interest in keeping them so they would be offered to the list
first. If you want to make an offer on any please contact me off list at

Speculation of their value on list is OK by me if it is OK with the

What are the AXP units? I have no idea what AXP means or what processors are
in them?

Thanks for the help.
Portland, Oregon
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