VAX Ids (was Re: Need help in figuring out what to bid on DEC)

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 14:35:11 2001

Actually, unless something weird is going on we have:

         one Microvax II in a BA123 cabinet

A small coffee table that runs as 0.9 VUPS unless its been upgraded. Space
for 6 full height 5.25" storage elements, typically ran with 3 RDxx series,
a TK50 tape, and sometimes an RX50 dual floppy. Weighs about 200 lbs.

>two VAX 4000/200s small square floor towers

Assuming the 'top' direction is the square reference, these are two
4000/200's in BA215 cases. 6 slot Q-bus backplane, KA660 CPU. 16 - 32Mb of
memory. The nicest thing about the KA660 was that it was the highest
performance VAX cpu that ran in an unmodified Q/CD backplane (its got Q-bus
fingers). At 5 VUPs it wasn't even as fast as the VAXStation 4000/VLC CPU
however its 6KB cache and on-board DSSI controller made it the classic
"double your power, double your fun" upgrade for the MicroVAX 3400 (KA640).
As a drop in replacement CPU it doubled system performance.

>one VAX 4000/100 Desktop

The was apparently a strange duck. It is a desktop unit with good
performance (24 VUPS) making it nearly 5 times the speed of the 4000/200,
however in an effort to support customers who had invested in Q-bus vaxen
this unit has a Q-bus! Two connectors in the back connect to cables that
attach to the B4000X S-box expansion unit. 11 Q-bus slots, (slot 1 had the
q-bus extension card in it.) This let your "desktop" (and its a pretty big
desktop) VAX continue to use you legacy cards. As a collector of Q-bus
VAXen I keep thinking this would be a good one to get but then I'd have to
track down a B4000X and some cables.

>two DEC 2000 AXP
>one DEC PC AXP 150

Alpha Boxen

>one DEC 486 PC

A good monitor so that your VR219 is up closer to eye level :-)

>one DEC Storage works small drive tower w/o drives
>one CD tower with 3 or 4 CD drives in it, I think DEC mfg. but not sure.

Disks are disks.

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