Sparcstation prom passwords

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 19:21:43 2001

On Mar 29, 18:48, Mike Kenzie wrote:

> My Sparc 1+ currently fails when booting linux. I get this
> message:
> IDPROM: unknown format type!
> program terminating
> Is there a way to by pass the PROM?
> The current PROM is a 525-1107-04 Can other sparc PROMS be
> used as a replacement?

The IDPROM isn't a PROM, it's an NVRAM chip. I don't recognise that part
number, the usual IDPROM for a Sparcstation 1+ is 525-1109-xxx. The NVRAM
is an unusually tall 24-pin device with a barcode on the top (usually), and
I think the number you quoted is the boot EPROM, which is quite a different
thing. You could replace the IDPROM with one from another 1+, or read the
Sun NVRAM FAQ about reprogramming one, but you can't just use one from a
different type of motherboard as the type code would be wrong.

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