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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 18:53:45 2001

On Mar 29, 19:05, Tony Duell wrote:

> I can't think of a 405-line only (as opposed to dual-standard 405/625
> switchable) portable with an isolated chassis (and presumably transistors
> at least in the signal stages?). I don't suppose you can remember the
> manufacturer, can you?

Nope, I can't even remember the nationality :-) Maybe I'm remembering
wronly about it being single-standard, but I don't think so. And I don't
recall any transistors. I *think* it was isolated-chassis, but I also
remember adding fairly high-voltage non-polar caps to the video input.
 About the only thing I can remember is that it was a wooden case with
channel selector and ON/Volume (I think) on the top, and finished in
tasteful dark green leatherette.

Unfortunately I've nothing left from that set now -- the top few lines of
the display were never very stable on the Sorcerer (partly my kludge and
partly the Sorcerer's video signal not being quite right) so we parted
company when I bought a proper monitor.

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