SUN networking problems

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Mar 29 19:31:36 2001

On Mar 29, 7:50, Arno Kletzander wrote:

> Just typing in snoop at the prompt ends up with
> snoop: Command not found.
> In which subdirectory might this program be (if it's on the system at
> or how can we search for it? If it isn't, where can one possibly get it?

/usr/sbin/snoop on my Solaris systems -- but it might be elsewhere on an
older system, and it's not installed by default.

Alternative is tcpdump, which uses a library called libpcap. The home page
for both is or , and they can be
downloaded from You'll need a decent C compiler --
which probably means gcc, as Sun stopped providing a compiler with the OS a
long time ago.

> The printer manual has surfaced, but it only contains the information
> the Ethernet card was an add-on and had its own Installation and
> Guide with it - which must be buried even deeper than the manual itself
> we were given it at all

On most of the Ethernet-enabled printers I've come across (mostly HPs,
Lexmarks, and Xeroxes) you can do the setup from the front panel --
sometimes tedious, but usually not too hard to understand.

> I guess the remaining problem is really the IP address of the printer, as
> the data transfer between the computers and the printer must be all right
> now: Whenever a ping or something else occurs on the network, the orange
> LED on the printer's back side blinks a few times (what should indicate
it is
> receiving the data).

A reasonable assumption. Have you tried printing out status pages?
 Sometimes that will show you things like IP address, protocols enabled,
that sort of thing. Usually you can do it by holding down one of the
buttons when you turn the power on.

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