Ram Hogging (was Re: Apple LWPro parallel port?)

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Mar 30 06:43:16 2001

Jim Strickland skrev:

><shameless plug>

>Want a real modern OS that runs on anything above pentium 60 and does
>useful work in 32 megs of RAM? check out BeOS

></shameless plug>

What a hog. =?

>> >>Windows XP is coming out soon... But already in the tech news they are
>> >>talking about how fast your computer must be and the least amount of RAM
>> >>required...
>> >>(P2-300 with 128MB RAM!) Which is *ALWAYS* understated...
>> >
>> >Don't the people involved in software development see the senselessness in
>> >this? 128 MB RAM for a bloody operating system!?
>> Outrageous, that must be what, $25 retail of ram they are wasting.

>The point is it's a symptom of very sloppy programming to use that much RAM.
>Given that, it suggests it won't be very stable, either. Microsoft has
>proven with every OS since the birth of Windows that they are incapable of
>producing a stable, efficient, well designed OS. Even WinCE apparently
>crashes frequently. I use BeOS as my stability benchmark, and it only goes
>down when:

>1. I shut it down.
>2. Power Outages.
>3. I get a misbehaving app that consumes my system resources and I shut
> it down.
>4. Hardware death.

My Amiga crashes a whole lot. I don't think stability is imperative. Regard my
lorry analogy.

>I gave up on win95 2 years ago and while I miss the plethora of apps, I'll
>never willingly go back. BeOS has most of the apps I actually *use*.

While I'm impressed by BeOS, I've been lacking both the proper hardware (it's
too thirsty!), and I'm not impressed by its constant change of platforms.

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